The College Network – M.S in Nursing

The College Network (TCN) has been helping nurses receive advanced degrees in a variety of areas.  They have helped many LPN’s become registered nurses, granting them better job opportunities and increased stability.  For the ambitious few who want to reach the top of the nursing field, TCN, in conjunction with one of their partners, offers an M.S in Nursing degree.


Nurses who receive their master’s degree have a wide range of career opportunities.  Their advanced education will allow them to give back to other nurses.  A nurse educator has the ability to teach LPN’s and RN’s who are looking to enter into practice positions.  They also have the flexibility to become nurse administrators, clinical nurse leaders or health policy experts.  These positions allow nurses to make their field better as they will examine current health practices and determine if the present approach is the best possible option in terms of quality and safety.  Given that up to 100,000 people die each year due to medical errors, society needs more of these nurses to improve provided care.


Nurses with an M.S make significantly more than other nurses.  They may make $75,000 and possible up to $100,000 over the long-term.  This will offer nurses and their families’ flexibility in their personal lives.  Gone will be the days of living paycheck to paycheck as an M.S in Nursing will let nurses lead a comfortable existence.  It will also grant stability, as nursing is a booming profession and there is a continual need for experts in the field.


RN’s who are thinking about getting a master’s degree may be put off by the time commitment and difficultly involved.  That is where TCN comes in.  By registering with The College Network and their partner university, students will be able to keep their full time jobs, maintain their family life and continue their education.  For those worried about the cost, the Comprehensive Learning Modules offered by TCN will help students save time and money.


In order to be successful in a high level program it is important to practice good study habits.  Many people just go through the motions and try to memorize material.  While this may work for a time, it is not a good long term strategy.  TCN’s Center for Learning Empowerment will teach students how to study.  This will enable students to succeed on their own, both in the classroom and in the workforce.


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