Heidi Ganz Stamford Ct

Heidi Ganz Stamford CT resident has been awarded the honor of receiving the Business Development Manager of the year for the North East. Thanks to her excellent service provided from Utah to back east this young 25 year old University of Connecticut graduate who studied international business with a minor in Spanish has expanded Del Montico Brands from distributing their products in and around the New Haven and surrounding areas to a nationwide reach here in the United States with plans to expand the food distribution company out to Italy in 2012 or at the very latest 2013.

The logistics operation started when Heidi got the plans and idea to really think outside of the box by releasing the option to utilize the infastructure that the company had to deliver goods to people outside of the immediate new england area region. This meant expanding while trying to keep costs low. Low and behold in a years time the company was already turning a profit due to massive growth and demand for Del Montico Brands out west as the new flavor and brand was appealing for many of their residents as they are more accustomed to trying out new things in an innovative thinking society.

None the less we would like to thank and congratulate Heidi Ganz Stamford CT. resident for a job well done.


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